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Rules for Advertisement

  • Death News
  • : Free Printing with Photograph up to 200 words. In that news name of the dead person, date, Relatives Name, Residence Address, Phone No., Full detail if person likely to donate Eyes or any part of the body, full name to be written on back side of photograph. Details to be written on white blank paper read, legible writing with two photographs 1+2=3. Person who gives death news has to write his full name, phone or mobile no. and signature at the end of the news. Death news will be accepted in various centers from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and at Jayant Printery from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. only.

    A person who is giving death news has to submit death certificate issued by Doctor or Municipal office, receipt required of wood for burn or electric burn, original receipt or Xerox copy of the receipt for donating Eyes or any part of the Body, original receipt will be return at same time after confirmation. If death news above 200 words charge will be taken as social news (Rs. 2/- per word).

  • Trust/Business
  • : A person likely to give business news of his company or agency has to give news matter on his company or agency letter head with 3 copies with sender full name, designation in that company or agency, signature, company stamp or seal. If any person of the company sending matter in CD he has to pay full payment in cash as per rate card and release order. If any company sending Cheque / Draft news will be release after clearance of Cheque / Draft.

    For next day news has to come one day advance to our office, wich will be accepted from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

    Every Trust / Institution has to submit their matter on their letterhead otherwise it will not be accepted.

    Matter is to be approved on checking of proofs in press office. No mail/fax will be done by press.

    Corrections if any in matters will not be attended on Phone.

    Matters containing photos to be submitted one day in advance. Only death note will be accepted on same day.

    Any printing error done by press, in such case only rectification of matter will be given on other day. Please note press will not repeat the whole matter.

    Email / Fax - Matter will be accepted only if done from centre.

    Centre page is kept reserved for condolance matter. (Prathna Sabha) Any booking of centre page is booked in advance, will be printed in part (Two) 2 split pages which please note.

    Shri Vagad Visha Oswal Chovisi Mahajan for its Mukhpatra (Patrika) shall not be held responsible for any consequences arising of any matter which are published given by any individual / Social or Trust / Institution etc.

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